2015 send-off reception for successful JETs

Another year another send-off reception for Jamaicans who have successfully navigated the multi-step process to be selected as an assistant language teacher (ALT) for the JET programme. This year was the biggest group yet – a huge group of 40 persons almost doubt the largest group to have gone at one time. I am told this is testament to the success of the previous and current JET participants from Jamaica who are held in high esteem and are always in demand by schools in Japan.

2015 JETs from Jamaica headed to Japan
Jamaican JETs posing with the new Ambassador of Japan to Jamaica H. E. Masanori Nakano

This yearly reception (I believe this was my forth time attending) has always been very inspirational and an opportunity to check my own self as I slowly inch towards one day being a JET myself. The first year I attended I had never been to Japan, the second year I visited Japan and was just about to start college and this year the dream felt even closer as a 3rd year student with only 12 months left in college.

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I salute the 2015 JETs from Jamaica – the 6 that left in May and the 34 I met at the reception. Some wide-eyed with excitement, some nervous with expectation. Good luck during your time in Japan and make Jamaica proud.