100 Places to See or Things to do when I Visit Japan

Unbelievably, I can now say that my trip to Japan is less than 20 days away. Since beginning the countdown I though time would have slowed down but instead it has been he opposite and now Sept 4th is closing in fast! I have been “trying” to pin down something that resembles an itinerary for the last few days but who would have thought this would be so difficult? I made a Youtube video a few days ago asking everyone to recommend ONE place in Japan they would recommend that I had to visit and from the feedback on Youtube and Twitter I decided to tweak and combine a few ideas and thus this post was born – 100 Places to See or Things to do when I Visit Japan.

Below is a random (and incomplete)  list of places I want to see and things I want to do when I get to Japan. I tried to ensure that all my interests are covered such as photography, anime, tech and gaming but also allowing for adventure, surprises while mixing in the usual tourists spots while going off the beaten track. So following on from the video I’d love to get suggestions from readers of places you have been (or want to go) or things you have done (or want to do)  in Japan you have been (or want to go) that you think I would to visit or experience on my trip to Japan next month. I dont care what or where it is as long as it is legal ^_^. Suggest via a comment below or send me a message here.

  1. Take a photo of a “Welcome to Japan” sign
  2. Visit the unfinished Tokyo Sky Tree
  3. rock, dirt and plant (secret!)
  4. Visit Kyoto
  5. Eat natto
  6. touch a bullet train’s nose
  7. ride on a bullet train
  8. photogaph at least 5 manhole covers – Drainspotting
  9. feed a deer in Nara
  10. spend a night at a mangaka
  11. take 3 photographs with perfect strangers
  12. shinjuku crossing
  13. Visit Nara
  14. buy a Gundam Figure
  15. Visit Tokyo Tower
  16. Ueno Park
  17. Take a photo of a Maid
  18. Visit Arashiyama Monkey Park
  19. Attend Tokyo Game Show 2011
  20. Take photos of Tokyo Game Show Cosplayers
  21. Karaoke!
  22. Visit Osaka
  23. Zuihoden Mausoleum
  24. Visit a conveyor-belt Sushi restaurant
  25. Spend an Entire Day in Akihabara
  26. Try to get a great photo of Mount Fuji
  27. Visit Sendai
  28. Visit Landmark Tower
  29. Find and unmask a ninja
  30. Hokane Open Air Museum
  31. Lake Ashi
  32. Sankeien Garden
  33. Eat at a Jamaican restaraunt in Japan
  34. Fushimi Inari
  35. Check out the Nippon Maru
  36. Yoyogi Park
  37. Asakusa
  38. Rikugien Park
  39. Odaiba
  40. Ride the complete loop of the Yamanote Line
  41. Todaiji Temple
  42. Katsura Imperial Villa
  43. Ride the Toden Arakawa Line (Tram)
  44. Shitennoji Temple Osaka
  45. .
  46. .
  47. .
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  49. .
  50. Club Mogra by CyberStrike on Youtube
  51. Video Game Stores in Shibuya by Brollicon on Youtube
  52. Kappa Tengoku by JapanisDoomed on Youtube
  53. Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography by Jherane on Google+
  54. Studio Ghibli Museum by Thor
  55. Sony Store in Ginza by Courtney
  56. Sumigawa boat ride by Ben
  57. Shinjuku station during rush hour by Ben
  58. Kamakura by Ben
  59. Nikko by Ben
  60. Osaka Castle – JamaicaMyWay
  61. East at Kin no Kura Jr. izakaya – Yonasu
  62. Starbucks in Shibuya – Yonasu
  63. Akihabara on a Sunday – Yonasu
So what are you waiting for? suggest more places for me to add to the list!