10 Days I want to forget…quickly

The last week and a half has been quite the roller coaster ride for me. My computer at home died not once but twice in less that 3 days, the first death was the result of a virus and the second was due to a power surge…electricity kept going on and off for almost 2 minutes…damn you JPS. It gets even worse because I lost ALLLL MYYY DAAATTTAAAA on my computer…everything! and remember that hardrive I had filled with “stuff” that I borrowed from a friend…DEAD!..I don’t know how I am going to be able to break the news to him. My cellphone was stolen last Wednesday too with all my important numbers and a few other things…I hereby declare last week the data eating week…only thing left to lose is my mind..and to tell you the truth I did a little…locked myself in my room from last Friday morning till I was rescued by my girlfriend on Sunday evening, man I felt like a vampire in the sunlight. Now today I had more trouble this time with my internet connection, how ironic that I just posted how satisfied I was with Flow Jamaica and now this, I am still happy though because I felt that the technicians did all they could to rectify my problem which seemed to have affected a large area but I thought to myself “why now when I need to recover 200 gigs of lost programs, media, documents etc..aaaahhhhhh!!! it hurts just typing about it, now I am imagining tossing a molotov cocktail at the JPS headquarters in New Kingston. Ok on to more depressing news, I will be on vacation leave (with no vacation plans) until the 27th of April. My leave has been postponed by my superiors for so long now that all my previous plans like taking driving lessons and a trip to the country is in shambles.

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I have missed 2 weeks of Japanese classes which are now on a Saturday, first week I had a personal emergency, last week I was in temporary hibernation, now I have so much to catch up on it’s not even funny, thank good I am on leave.

Fear not friends for I have a plan of recovery that has already been put in motion, firstly I have cut my hair…which has not been cut for almost 5 months, I was looking like a young rasta with 10 years added to my real age. Secondly my birthday is in just about 30 hours (March 8th), I am broke, but, I will not let that stop me from celebrating with friends and family over the weekend. Lastly I will be watching over all the Heroes episodes so far before I make another big post on the series this weekend, hope ya’ll been watching it or else your missing out on a great series.

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In closing I’d just like to say, so what if everything seems to be going wrong? life is a learning experience and experiences like those help to make you a stronger more rounded person that will not jump ship at the first sign of trouble.

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  1. Sorry to hear about all the drama Kirk..I sent u an sms on the 8th for your b’day….sad u lost your mobile. Anyway hang in there buddy

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