Pro-Democracy protests in Burma

I rarely blog about such serious topics but it looks like the political situation in Burma (Myanmar) is getting worse and worse. Yesterday morning I woke up to news that Burmese nationals in Jamaica were protesting in front of various embassies and offices in Kingston. Embassies such as the Mexican Embassy, Chinese Embassy and even the local United Nations Office. Now this morning I wake up to news that a Japanese journalist has been killed by Burmese soldiers and it was all caught on camera. As expected Japan is outraged, because video footage of the incident clearly shows the Japanese journalist named Kenji Nagai being shot at close range in the chest by a soldier.

Still no action from the United States who has always claimed to do anything within its power to spread democracy across the world, in fact no major western power has done anything mainly because many of them support the military regime in Burma. All connections to the outside world via the internet has been cut off and at least 10 people have been killed so far. Reading about this incident has been teaching me a lot about Burma, it’s culture, history and religion and I will be following the news to see how long it takes the world to answer the calls of the Burmese citizens for a free, democratic nation.



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