Claymore – a Silver Eyed Witch Festival

Firstly I don’t care what anybody wants to say, Claymore is the best new anime of the season so far, I know this because I have watched at least one episode of just about every last one. None has the effect on me that Claymore is having so far, there are a few more other than Claymore worth checking out, but Claymore is the best.


I’ve never read much less heard of the manga version of this anime before tentatively going through the first episode of this anime a few weeks ago. I thought that the medieval monster/demon slewing was old and outdated, I started to dislike it even more before watching an episode properly even more when I realized from the intro that the main characters would be beautiful fighting females, the first thing that came to me was that this would end up being sexual in some way or the other. I am glad I was proven wrong and from the first grape juice (Yoma blood) drenched scene I knew that there was something about this series. 7 episodes later and counting I look forward to Wednesday nights to get my Claymore fix. I will not be going into any details on the happenings of the anime just yet. Just know that it is highly recommended and worth at least a trail watch, and after watching the action backed, road splitting girl against girl action I just enjoyed in episode 7 you will be unable to manage the one week wait between episodes.

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