Ameba Japanese Micro-blog Clones Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites on the internet. Some argue that it has passed it’s peak but in my mind Twitter is unique and useful enough to be around for a while. It is my most used social networking website mainly because it is the first site of it’s kind of I managed to actually do any social networking with anyone. Ameba is a Japan based blogging service with millions of users, think of it as the WordPress or Blogger of Japan but with a few other peripheral services like a Youtube-like video sharing service.

Ameba Now Micro-Blogging

Ameba なう is exactly like twitter with a 140 character limit for messages and almost identical layout, but one of the unique features is the ability to use smilies in messages which is a good thing seeing that Japan is addicted to anything cute.

Good for Practicing Japanese?

My Japanese, or specifically my understanding of kanji is nowhere near the level to understand the Ameba Now service but I am thinking this new service could be an interesting tool for learning to read, understand and recognize Japanese characters. Until then feel free to follow me on Twitter where I hope to start tweeting more in (very basic) Japanese.

Via – Asiajin and Japan Trends


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