Virgin Galactic takes aim at Space Tourism

I stay on top of most space related news and over the last few days media outlets all over the world has been abuzz with news that Virgin Galactic‘s unveiling of its SpaceShipTwo spacecraft and its WhiteKnightTwo carrier.

So start saving from now because in 2010 a trip into space will cost you us$200,000 initially but is expected to gradually get cheaper as trips get streamlined. In the first 12 years Virgin Galactic hopes to build and operate 40 SpaceShipTwos and 15 WhiteKnightTwo carrier crafts.

This is wonderful news for Space travel geeks like me and the best part about this news is that it isn’t decades off or still in planning or might not happen. It’s coming baby and in less than two years! Are you excited about this announcement? and if yes how long do you think it will take before it becomes affordable?

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