Upgrade the memory in the Dell Inspiron 7577

Two years ago I bought a Dell Inspiron 7577 after moving to Japan and leaving my gaming desktop behind in Jamaica. The specs are decent for a laptop from 2018 – full HD IPS screen, Intel i7, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050Ti etc. But the spec that annoyed me the most was the 8gb of ram, I really wanted to upgrade it when I bought it but I was at the top-end of my budget. 2 years later I am ready to upgrade the ram to 32 gigabytes so let’s do it, lets upgrade the memory in Dell Inspiron 7577.

One screw to open the back

This Dell Inspiron 7577 is the easiest to open laptop I have ever worked on and I have worked on dozens over the years. One screw and it’s open with everything accessible. hard drives, the battery, fans for cleaning and more, good job Dell!Β All I have to do is push the pins at the side and voila the ram is out and ready for an upgrade from 8gb to 32gb. I swear back in the day I’d need a hammer to get into some laptops.

Upgrade the memory in Dell Inspiron 7577
Upgrade the memory in Dell Inspiron 7577

More Memory!

When you try to boot the computer will screen at you that you have more memory now. Just follow the prompts I if you inserted the memory well there should be no issues unless the new memory is faulty.

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