Two of the best cosplaying Photoblogs

I as I stated in my previous post about my own photoblog I have recently been taking a lot of photographs, gaining experience and getting out of the house/office more often on my own little personal photo trips. I have been bookmarking a visiting a lot of photoblogs and even before posting about my own photoblog I discovered a 2 great photoblogs through another site that I wish I remembered so I could link to it. The two blogs are ~MPzero~ and Cosplayers Photo Studio. I know nothing about the owners of these blogs because both are in Japanese and my Japanese is nowhere near that level yet, but who needs to read when your eye are busying examining high quality high resolution shots of cosplaying goodness (and preeeeeeeetty girls) straight out of Japan!

Picture Source – ~MPzero~

I look forward to taking pictures of cosplayers in Japan in the future, I just hope my pictures can come anywhere close to the quality of these shots, all of which are extraordinary!

Picture Source – Cosplayers Photo Studio

Do you know of anymore cosplaying photoblogs or websites? Please drop me the link in a comment.

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