Tokyo 2020 mascots revealed

As a big fan of the summer Olympics especially athletics it goes without saying that I am excited for Tokyo 2020 Olympics. We are two years away but I have been following and will continue to follow as the excitement builds.

Japan is character country

Japan is a country obsessed with characters, mascots and all things cute. Many Companies, police departments, prefectures, sports teams and more have characters that represent their brand. Since moving to Japan Its unbelievable how powerful characters like anpanman, doraemon and pikachu are and thats just the tip of the iceberg. The mascots for Tokyo 2020 were recently revealed. Its been a multiple-month process of illuminations with the final 3 being voted on by Japanese elementary school kids to choose the lucky mascots to represent Tokyo 2020 Olympics and ParaOlympics.

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B > A > C = A

From the three choices I’ll say favourite was B with A coming in slightly behind then C. The kids overwhelmingly voted for character A and the reactions so far seem mostly positive. Their names will be revealed later in the summer.

What are your thoughts on the chosen mascots – which of the 3 choices did you like? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!