the next web 2.0 hit?

Thoof combines various features of many popular so called web 2.0 sites such as digg, reddit, and even Wikipedia while adding its own ingredients to the web 2.0 mix.

Signing up is a simple process, users enter their email address and then are instantly signed in, they can then create their password by following a link from a short to-the-point email send to their inbox. Users can then begin to access their personalized links, adding, removing tagging, deleting as they see fit and the system will automatically read your actions and then load links to websites that it thinks you will be interesting in by analyzing your previous actions through their collaborative filter technology. Users can stay in touch with the creators of Thoof and get periodic updates on the happenings on Thoof by visiting the Thoof blog. Try out and its services for yourself this might just be the next breakout hit on the internet.


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