Gaming in Japanese – The Witcher in Monster Hunter

I love video games, I am learning Japanese so why not combine the two? I’ve played a lot of video games that offer spoken dialogue in Japanese. One such game in Monster Hunter World. Let’s go through the dialogue in a recent scene, and see how many words, phrases, grammar points etc we can pick up on together. This will not be a word for word translation, but hopefully, as my Japanese improves, I can get more confident at this. This type of practice will not result in the type of Japanese you can use in most everyday situations but is great for getting used to the sound of Japanese in a memorable and fun way. So enough blabbering – let’s start!

Witcher in Monster Hunter World – Vocabulary

  • きらい – 嫌い – dislike
  • これだがら – due to this
  • おれ – 俺 – I/me (masculine)
  • ここ – here
  • きみ – 君 – you
  • の – possessive particle in Japanese
  • べつ – 別 – separate
  • せかい – 世界 – the world
  • おもしろい – 面白い – interesting
  • よくみる – よく見る – often see, usual
  • かいぶつ – 怪物 – monster
  • そこいけば – 其処行けば – go over there
  • もちろん – 勿論 – that’s right, of course
  • しんじる – 信じる – to believe
  • よろしく – polite request
  • たのむ – 頼む – to ask

Gaming x Japanese

Again I am only a beginner when it comes to studying Japanese but I hope this kind of translation activity proves useful for other Japanese learners. Play your games in Japanese whenever that option is available and learn while you have fun! Be sure to check out my Youtube channel as I intend to combine Gaming and Japanese in more videos!