JET Programme Video Contest – “THIS IS JAPAN”

I recently surfed into an interesting competition. The JET Programme Video Contest with has the following objectives:

  • Promote efforts to revitalise local communities through the utilisation of the JET Programme
  • Communicate the JET Programme’s activities to the world

I am now aware that a Jamaica participating in the JET programme is competing in the contest!  Rochelle is a Jamaican JET ALT living in Toyama Prefecture who reached out to me recently after realising that we are both known to Nicola Williams; another Jamaican JET I interviewed a few months ago about her Japan experience so far.

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Please join me in voting for Rochelle EVERY DAY by following this link and clicking “Submit One link to this Video”. You can vote once a day! Below is a message from and theme of her video.

This is my passion and I really want to showcase the beauty of the rural areas in Japan because most people only have common knowledge of the country (and even misconceptions). Japan is more than cars, anime and tech. This video highlights the beauty of the country’s natural landscape, its people and its culture.

Remember to vote at this link. Tweet me @Jamaipanese and/or look out for my daily shares of her voting link. Lets help Rochelle take home the top prize of Japan domestic travel tickets wirth ¥100,000.

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