Taro Aso wins – Otaku Prime Minister of Japan now a reality

Taro Aso as assumed leadership of Japan’s ruling political party and will be default become the next Prime Minister of Japan. Otaku Prime Minister of Japan possible was the title of my post 2 weeks so but is now a reality. Mr Aso faces a tough time as leader though will turmoil in the financial markets in America undermining economies worldwide, especially Japan’s.

International Media Coverage

Japan’s next PM Aso a “cool old dude” – Reuters

Aso, born into a wealthy family on the southern island of Kyushu, makes much of his fondness for the manga comics widely read by younger people, and his dapper suits and boisterous charm are rare among Japan’s grey political elite. As foreign minister, he introduced an international prize for manga artists in an effort to use soft power to further Japan’s diplomatic reach…read more

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Aso picked to become new Japan PM – BBC

Mr Aso received 351 out of the 527 votes cast by MPs and members of regional chapters, party election chief Hideo Usui announced after voting. Kaoru Yosano, the minister for economic and fiscal policy, trailed in second place at 66 votes. Former defence minister Yuriko Koike, who hoped to become Japan’s first female prime minister, placed third with 46 votes…read more


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6 thoughts on “Taro Aso wins – Otaku Prime Minister of Japan now a reality

  1. While he is a cool guy. Isn’t he sort of.. racist and a rabid nationalist in a sense? He has made some outrageous comments in his time.

  2. I hope he can get along with China and Korea.

    And I hope he doesn’t say something stupid like he has done in the past.

  3. I hope not another Hirohito. Now that would be a nightmare! I just hope that there are enough naysayers to keep this ultra-nationalist bent in check. Japan needs to be less insular, and understand certain truths about global diplomacy.

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