Struggling creatively and sick recently

Spring is finally here in Japan! the cherry blossoms are blooming, it’s getting warmer (except today! right now its raining and 7 degrees) and terrible winter is behind me! Then why am I struggling a little recently?

First Spring in Japan

The 1st part of my troubles is I’ve been sick recently. I have been anticipating the arrival of spring for months and now it’s here and my body is spazzing out. Its what are these smells?!?!? Why have the last few days been hot, then cold then hot then cold?I’ve been to the doctor but even he isn’t too sure whats going on. It feels like Hay fever, allergies, a cold and migraines came together to attack me. The result is me being tired and groggy. Thankfully I have started to feel better in the last day or so and just in time too as the kids return to school next week. Its the beginning of the school year in Japan and I have an increased workload due to changes in the English education system here in Japan.

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Creative Struggles

The second part of my struggles is I’ve been struggling creatively recently – I have some ideas for my blog I can’t seem to get off the ground and remember that Japanese vlog series I mentioned in my last vlog? I have recorded and re-recorded so much of it in the last week. I am making the same mistake again – its like I know the problem, do my best to avoid the problem but end up having the problem again! That problem is overthinking a task and trying to make it too perfect – Its so nerve-racking to put yourself out there especially in this era internet trolls and negativity. I had the same problem when writing my book (The Jamaipanese Story) and instead of finishing it in 5 months as planned it took me almost 5 years!

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So here’s hoping blogging this helps me refocus and gets me re-energized for the coming days , weeks and months. I need to get back to studying Japanese and I want to share my progress with you!

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  1. Oh dear Kirk! I hope you figure out the health problem, soon… The changing seasons do affect you. I used to get terrible hay fever in the UK in early summer. It could well be a particular plant or tree – the pollen. Oh and don’t worry – writer’s block is a common thing! Just relax and your creativity will come back. I think it goes in phases, sometimes. All the very best, Emma
    PS. By the way, there is an infection on your website – an “infection blocked” alert just came up when I clicked on it!

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