Step 2 Exam Stress

I am now less than 1 week away from my Step 2 Japanese Exam which will be on Thursday March 30th, 2006. I am very nervous as usual but I am somewhat confident that with a bit more practice of what we have learnt this term I will be able to do alright. I am more worried about the oral exam than the written one as I know that I can read and write well at my current levl with not much problems but when it comes to listening and responding my brain freezes up.

Tomoko sensei has given us a mini written exam as homework to be completed by next Tuesday. I have already started it and I am having minor problems so far. I am hoping that when we go through the pre-exam in class I will have those sorted out. As it related to the oral exam I am thinking about asking my friend to read some questions that I expect to be on the exam to get familiar with hearing those words. My friend is also interested in learning Japanese and I have taught him much of what I know as a way of practicing. I have also planned to meet up with one of my female classmates to get a last minute study session in but that has not been fully finalized yet.

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Well this weekend will be 3 days of fretting and studying, but i am almost 100% certain that I will be ready!

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