Step 2 Exam Results

Yesterday I received the results of my Step 2 exam from Tomoko sensei. I am not surprised that I have not done as well as I did it the first term and compared to a class leading 88% average on the Step 1 interview and written exams, I have received a 75% average on the Step 2 interview and written exams. My classmates all scored a similar average this term and the highest average was 84%.

After handing out the exam results and papers, we talked about everyone’s weaknesses and strengths and this term we will be recapping certain areas and then moving on, this term will be called Step 2+. We started to then review introduction, desire sentences and adjectives.

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Everyone is focused and pumped up now and ready to take on the challenge this term.

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2 thoughts on “Step 2 Exam Results

  1. Well, at the risk of sounding mean and high-handed, may I suggest that you first work on your English. Your spelling and sentence construction are really lacking. In order to learn a second language you must be competent in your own language first.

  2. no prob Gemma I am not offended by your comment.
    I want my site to be somewhat casual and not too formal or "perfect" if you know what I mean, so other than a spell check and ensuring that what I type can be understood I don’t really go to the extent to try and type perfect english as this site is not about how perfect my english is but how perfect my Japanese will eventually get.
    Please keep visiting though, all comments are welcome

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