Star Trek Movie coming May 2009 – Check out the Trailer

Trekkies, Geeks and Sci-Fi Movie lovers rejoice! 2009 will be a good year because a brand new Star Trek Movie is scheduled to be released on May 8, 2009.

Star Trek Movie Poster

Just from viewing the trailer you will see that the movie has very high production values and I don’t know how many fans are breathing a sigh of relief but i am after seeing that shitty Dragon Ball recording that had fans seeing red and threatening to launch a real life Ka-me-ha-me-ha at the cast and production crew of that piece of shit of a film. No such anger at the new Star Trek film though and I am most interested in seeing Zachary Quinto of Heroes Fame play Spock. Check out the trailer below.

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Star Trek Movie Website

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2 thoughts on “Star Trek Movie coming May 2009 – Check out the Trailer

  1. I’m not a big Star Trek fan, although my brother would really like to see this as he’s a huge fan of ST. ^^ But I like the way they’re taking this movie to a modern approach. To me, Star Trek appeared to only focus on everyone on the ship and the planets they visit no signs of civilization, lol.

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