So I went to buy one game…

So there I was sitting at home last Saturday morning bored as hell, fell asleep early Friday night after a exhausting day at work and here I was now up bright and early and all energetic just after 8am in the morning. “It’s been a while since I have seen a Saturday morning” was the first thing I thought to myself while I leaped out of bed all refreshed while giggling to myself when I think of my usual routine of waking up after midday on a Saturday. I took a shower, looked after some breakfast for me, my mom and my younger sister, did some small chores and then……the boredom set in. There was nothing on TV to watch and besides it’s my sister’s TV time and I checked on her all engrossed in an episode of Fairly Odd Parents, then I though why not take a morning bicycle ride? then re-realizing that my bicycle has been totaled and rusting since June. I then thought of playing a game but I was sick of the only cartridge I had for my Nintendo DS and my PC was blank due to a recent format and re-installation of Windows. I jumped back in bed but couldn’t sleep and my eye caught a game magazine I borrowed about a week before that I failed to read so I took the oportunity to do so. Almost immediately I saw an ad for a PC game “Heroes of Might and Magic V” and fair enough there was a review of the same game in the magazine and while reading it I realised that it was in the genre I liked and it got a fairly good grade. Then the urge came over me to go buy this game and try it out for myself and I decided to give in.

The last PC game I bought was Temple of Elemental Evil and that was over a year ago and it’s been a while since I played on much less bought any game for my PC. I have been so busy with work, Japanese classes and other engagements.

I took the bus and reached the store a little before 11am and browsed through the PC game section with my fingers crossed because I know that many of these dumb stores only carry “popular games in “popular genres” and being a turn based strategy, real time strategy and RPG fan on the PC that usually means that there is just about a 1 in 100 chance they have the game I am looking for and I always end up having to ask a relative or friend in the States or Canada to buy my games and send or carry them here on their next visit to Jamaica. Anyway to my surprise I saw the game I was looking for and I asked a clerk for it and got it for Ja$4000 (us$60). Overflowing with excitment I continued to look around the store and got a cute sales clerk to keep my company and we chatted while I looked around.

I then spotted a game I have been searching for even before I bought my own Nintendo DS, Advance Wars: Dual Strike as I am a big fan of the advance wars series and had played all the previous games. Then a saw a special sales price on Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends Edition and the clerk recomended it for my sister and decided to check it out too as she might find it interesting (I had told her about my sister while chatting in the store).

A few minutes later I left the store with three games in hand and the cute store clerks cellphone number on my receipt, I’d say that was great day shopping.

So far I have not been dissapointed at all while playing through my new games other than the fact that my Nintendo Wii fund is short ja$10,000 (us$150). The advance wars plays a lot like the previous game and that is good, the Nintendogs is very interesting and me and my sister have been raising a young golden retriever named Martian, but by far the game I am mostly playing is Heroes of Might and Magic V. It is fun and challenging, the graphics and cutscenes are superb and the story is not bad at all, this is the first HoMM game I am playing and i just need to upgrade my computer memory to run it at full graphics settings. The levels are long but fun and I have finisged about 10% of the campaign so far so I have at least another month to finish and then replay this game until the Nintendo Wii frenzy starts…I guess my next game related post will be on the day I buy that!…which I am am very excited about I might add…but lets save that for another post. ^^