Sharp Low Power Consumption LCD TV

I’ve spotted something interesting from the 2008 G8 Summit in Toyako Japan. Sharp has developed a 26 inch low power consumption liquid crystal display TV and new cost effective solar cell modules that is says is perfect for third world nation.

Albeit a bit small and not as feature rich as regular bigger and brighter LCDs what could be a solar powered LCD today could turn out to be a revolution that could affect all home electronics and appliances especially in a time when alternative energy sources are a big topic everywhere.

I have always planned in the future to make some use of solar energy in my future home that I hope to be able to build and geekify from the ground up but never dived too deeply into understanding how everything works just yet. Technology like this is perfect for somewhere like Jamaica, not because we are “third world” but because of the 365 days in the year I could count on one hand the days each year we go without seeing the sun. See why I am excited? Hopefully by the time I am ready these systems will be dirt cheap and easily available.

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5 thoughts on “Sharp Low Power Consumption LCD TV

  1. How I wish I could run everything in my house on solar energy! Hmm novel idea for this TV. "perfect for third world nation", I beg to differ as I know most people couldn’t afford one, especially in Jamaica with these high import duties and greedy business people.

  2. Me and Anthony were contemplating purchasing a number of solar panel systems for our property not too long ago. The only concern was the price tag. The most inexpensive system we found was close to ten thousand dollars. It could have taken us decades to recoup that amount of money. Anyway, we stumbled across these directions for building your own solar panel systems. We ended up going that way. It saved us a great deal of money, and the free, eco-friendly power is wonderful! :) We power a number of of our kitchen appliances off this grid.

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