Rurikoji – Buddhist temple in Yamaguchi

This year the Golden Week in Japan was a 10 day stretch of holidays due to the New emperor ascending to the throne and the change of eras from Heisei to Reiwa. For 3 of those days I went on a multiplayer road trip around the southern tip of Japan’s main island and passed through Shimane (my home prefecture), Tottori, Hiroshima and the main highlight – Yamaguchi. The main stop was Rurikoji.

Rurikoji - Buddhist temple in Yamaguchi
Rurikoji was built in 1442


Yamaguchi deserves its name (Mouth of the Mountain); it’s such a beautiful, lush, green and mountainous prefecture – the perfect spot to sight-see after winter. My favourite spot we stopped at was Rurikoji Temple (瑠璃光寺, Rurikōji). Rurikoji was built in 1442 and is a Buddhist temple with a five-storied pagoda designated a national treasure of Japan. Surrounding the temple is Kozan Park which was such a joy to explore in perfect weather. I didn’t visit the museum or the tea house on the grounds but maybe I will in a future revisit.

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瑠璃光寺, Rurikōji
Rurikoji – Buddhist temple in Yamaguchi

I shall return

I am usually not fond of visiting temples and shrines in Japan as there are so many that sometimes it feels like more of the same with a slight twist to the backstory. Rurikoji Temple wasn’t,  and is definitely worth a visit. There is so much I didn’t get to to see and do in Yamaguchi so I definitely want to go back. Have you visited or want to visit any spots in Yamaguchi? Leave a comment below and tell me where or tweet me @Jamaipanese.