Reigniting my Table Tennis flame

I played table tennis it high school, reluctantly at first as I wanted to do track andΒ field but my asthma made me unable to manage the intense training. Table Tennis eventually grew into one of the highlights of my high school years and the sport I continued to participate into my early 20’s entering tournaments and such until unfortunately life just got too busy to continue. In recent weeks I have found a nice group to play table tennis with here on my rural island. I excitedly look forward to Thursday nights now as people from all age groups meet up for table tennis.

Silver Fox vs the Young Pup

I barely made it back from driving school recently to take part in a table tennis tournament that was the most fun I have had at a sporting event in years. The principal at one of my elementary schools knocked me out in the first round after I faced him with identical stats of one win and one loss. It came down to the wire and he was the crafty fox that outsmarted me the young pup.

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Table Tennis saved my imaginary six pack

Table Tennis and jogging has also allowed me to get my weight and fitness back under control after swelling up over the winter last year, especially in the midsection. Now I am considering investing in a racket and getting fully back on the table tennis wagon – maybe I can be champion next year?