Really Expensive Japanese Grapes

Thought 10,000 yen was too much for for a square watermelon? Think again…How about 100,000 yen for a bunch of grapes! A Japanese-style inn in the central prefecture of Ishikawa, bought the first batch of a one and a half pound bunch of Japanese developed Ruby Roman grapes for 100,000 at the local market.

For the record although most if not all of our grape is imported one and a half pounds of of the seedless variety will run you about JA$450…that’s us$6 or 685 yen.

Fruit is expensive in Japan and the Japanese are known to pay big bucks for the first batch of whatever fruit is now in season but that’s a shit load of cash. This makes me realise how grateful I should be for the great variety of decently priced fruits available here.

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6 thoughts on “Really Expensive Japanese Grapes

  1. OMFG! That’s just too much.

    Still 100,000¥ seems like a lot but if you think of the included free publicity – that’s pretty reasonable.

  2. Well… lets see… the publicity that this brings maybe more valuable than anything else. I love the esoteric endeavors of the Japanese!!!

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