Protoje – Blood Money: Lyrics and Video

“This song is so socially relevant, people connect to it on first listen. It’s speaking about things that are collectively on all of our minds, that we all want to talk about, and I’m using my voice to bring these topics to the forefront of conversation,”

“With all that is happening in Jamaica, criticism is often one-sided and directed to the have-nots—the people who have less are made to seem like the problem in society. This is unfair, hypocritical, and widely inaccurate. This song seeks to bring about certain conversations, to talk about what is really happening in our society.” – Protoje

Protoje – Blood Money – Lyrics

Mi naw watch nuh face beg nuh more pardon
a nuff drugs money deh a Cherry Garden
nuff individuals society applaudin’
you can ask anybody what dem get dem start in
but nuff politician teki donation
suh nuff criminal will neva see a station
neva see a cell much less even a courthouse
but a every sunday we see dem teki boat out
North Coast resort and cyar dealership
di construction company dem just don’t legit
use it wash di money tun it round and hide it
when di kickback dem come back di govament delighted

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suh police cancel operations
cause nuh real badman naw guh station
now if yuh check di situation
a BLOOD MONEY run di nation
come tek a look inna Jamaica
injustice in the place nuff
if wah yuh si nuh really faze yuh
den you a di problem weh wi face tuh

was ’bout to buy an X6 enuh
maybe then I wouldn’t have to be a prisoner
maybe then I coulda not turn in my firearm
police couldn’t come remand come in like mi run an army
was ’bout to be a politician too
maybe then I coulda mek any decision look
maybe then I make a hundred million disappear
den mi act like mi nuh care
what you won’t get back in there
Because di sad reality, inna Jamaica seh yuh status a yuh salary
man deh road a carry one whole heap a felony
but dem have a family a boost up di economy

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Is out a many but a one set a people feelin’ it
how that real society yuh agree to this
things a reveal di garbage di machine spit
nuh smoke screen a Riverton nuh conceal it
now the system failing, di gap a get wider
a matter of time before a total divide ya
yuh cross di line man draw quick fi remind yuh
if yuh build it pon crime den crime will have to find you
but that’s how its been always, that nuh frustrate you like it do to me
how much dead baby deh ova Jubilee
How much youths did ten when dem run inna Tivoli
now dem sixteen heart fry heh fricassee


Protoje – Blood Money – Video