Powered Jacket MK3 Exoskeleton

If I was a rich man I’d own many fancy but mostly quirky things. One of those quirky things would probably be the Powered Jacket MK3 – a quirky carbon fiber and aluminum “power suit” designed by Japan’s Sagawa Electronics. Check out the quirky (am I using that word too much) video below starting Scarface Santaro and a Japanese schoolgirl.

Now if I only had Â¥12,500,000 laying around somewhere. Maybe I forgot some cash on my private jet or at my holiday retreat on the floor of the Pacific Ocean? This does look “interesting” to say the least and maybe in a decade or two this won’t be so quirky (did it again!) anymore?


Via – Gizmondo | Sagawa Electronics | Ufunk


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  1. When & where are thes types of devices going to become
    available for the public to purchase

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