Pokemon Legend Red Nendoroid

Remember my recent trip to Hiroshima and the Pokemon Centre there? Well, there was a particular figure I was hunting and it was disappointing not to find it. however, I managed to acquire it by other means and in this video, I show my new Nendoroid figure!

Generation 1 Pokemon

I won’t stop saying that generation one Pokemon are the best Pokemon. They have awesome designs, many have interesting backstories and helped to make Pokemon the cultural phenomenon that it is now. The original Pokemon games have probably zapped hundreds of hours of my life when I was a young teen. Link cable battles are a highlight of my school days as we arranged tournaments and battled for bragging rights.

The star of those games was not Ash like in the anime, it was Red who as an 11-year old set off from Pallet Town on a Pokemon journey that would make him a legend. Professor Oak gave him and his rival the choice of three Pokemon; the fire type Pokémon Charmander, the water type Squirtle or the grass type Pokémon Bulbasaur; and as they say the rest is history.

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Nendoroid Figures

I’m a fan on Nendoroid figures and have owned a couple over the years – one of my favourite being the character L from Deathnote. They are cute, affordable and most importantly durable. So when I saw Red’s Nendoroid complete with starter pokemon, I couldn’t resist picking it up especially with the resurgence of nostalgia for the original Pokemon games from Pokémon Go and upcoming remakes for the Nintendo Switch.

The figure comes with all original starter pokemon which interestingly are my favourite part of the package. They are all detailed and even cuter than I remember them. Red is also looking quite detailed with 3 different faceplates and accessories like a backpack, masterball and Pokedex.

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