Pokemon Go coming to a smartphone near you

Nintendo, the Pokemon Company, Niantic Labs and Game Freak has teamed up and is bringing Pokemon to the real world. Players will soon be able to use their smartphone to catch and trade Pokemon.

As a long time Pokemon lover who remains true to the original 151 and haggles anyone who even mentions the “new” Pokemon I am very excited to try this when it gets released. I’ll be folliwng this game’s development but below are my initial thoughts on what will make or break Pokemon Go.

What will break Pokemon Go

  • only available in a handful of countries
  • too many micro transactions
  • Pokemon not available in relevant places – If I see a Charizard in a fountain I will riot
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What will make Pokemon Go work

  • social funstions
  • casual friendly
  • Trainer profile

Check out the full video of the press event below and tweet me @Jamaipanese with your thoughts.