Japanese Teaching Material Handing Over Ceremony

The Japanese teaching material handing over ceremony yesterday was a great experience. I met many people the most important of which was the Japanese Ambassador to Jamaica – Masahiro Obata.

He didn’t stay too long but from my little time with him he wasn’t as straight faced and stern as I imagined he would be and was quite jovial and friendly.

I also met a few persons from Jamaica who have benefited from the JET Program who spoke of their experience in Japan and of course that was the most interesting part of the ceremony to me because visiting Japan and teaching English through the Jet program is an aim of mine.

There were presentations in Japanese by students of various levels, although I didn’t plan to I ended up taking part with fellow step 3 level classmates.

In less than an hour everything was over and I socialized a bit catching up on happenings with Tomoko sensei and friends I haven’t seen for a while while helping myself to refreshments. Big thanks to my friend Crystal who accompanied me to the ceremony ^_^ (I hope she reads this!).

I also met Madoka san who works with the Japanese Embassy and is now my latest Japanese friend ^_^