Official results of the Jamaican Elections pending

I just spend 4 hours glued to my TV switching between our two major local channels TVJ and CVM TV trying to make sense out off all the information flowing in and to see who won today’s elections. After all those hours I am so confused that I will just go to bed and brace myself for what will or will not happen in the recount tomorrow, because as it is now it’s 31 seats for the JLP and 29 seats for the PNP. Quite frankly I am scared right now, scared of what might happen in the recounts and various court battles that have already begun, the violence, the anarchy, the tension…I better go sleep off this headache….I hate blogging about Politics.

I’ll be linking to other Jamaica bloggers who are blogging up a political storm when I make my final post on these elections when the victor is decided.