Naruto Shippuuden the Movie Review

The first Naruto movie which takes place in the Shippuuden timeline when Naruto has gotten older after training with Jiraiya for a while came out in theatres in Japan last year but was recently released on DVD and subbed. It’s been a long wait for this movie and it ended in disappointment.

The movie follows Naruto, Lee, Neji and Sakura as they are assigned by the fifth hokage Tsunade to protect a priestess from the demon country after a group of evil doers intentionally awake an ancient evil spirit who soon after awakening seek to restore it’s full power by acquiring it’s body sealed away in a temple far away and then (you guessed it) rule the world. The priestess being protected by the gang from Konoha is the only one that can defeat the demon and so she needs to be escorted to the temple to prevent the demon from reuniting with it’s body. There are brief split second appearances from other characters in the Naruto universe.

It my opinion this movie is bullshit held together by a story that took 2 minutes to write. There is barely any effort put into adding value and purpose into this movie and I cannot recall a scene or battle that made me think that movie was worth watching. Sakura served no purpose, Neji and Lee’s battles were over in seconds, Naruto as expected just threw shadow clones and rasengans at everything. If I was protecting that priestess bitch name Shion she would have been “accidentally” impaled in a freak kunai accident and how the hell can you have two of the baddest dudes in the anime make split second appearances without even uttering a line of dialog? This movie screams cheap, but who am I to complain, I watched it for free -_-.

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