Speedy Narita Sky Access Opens

Keisei Electric Railway Company recently official opened the new Narita Sky Access train route which connects Narita International Airport with the Nippori Station which is along the Yamanote Line  in downtown Tokyo in only 36 minutes. It’s competitor the Narita Express by JR makes the run between Narita Airport and Tokyo Station in 52 minutes. The design of the Narita Sky Access is based on a concept by fashion designer and civil engineer  Kansai Yamamoto and it’s sharp lines and blue tones are influenced by the wind and a sense of speed.

Narita Sky Access - Keisei Electric Railway Co.
The new Narita Sky Access gets you into downtown Tokyo in 36 minutes

Inspired by the wind

Narita Sky Access is capable of speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour which makes it the fastest train in Japan that is not a Shinkansen or Bullet train. The train features more seating space with a power outlet and other amenities like a secured luggage area and wheelchair access. The aspiring train otaku in me has already spent an hour checking out videos of the new train and I have embedded one of the better ones below for others like me interested in seeing the train on the track and interior.

Keisei Electric Railway Company has renamed the preview Narita Airport route  the “City Liner” which makes a few stops along the route to Nippori. As the plan stands now I might not be able to take the Narita Sky Access when I get to Japan as I’ll be a JR Railpass holder and will be jumping on the Narita Express instead but looking forward to at least seeing or maybe even taking pictures of it if possible.

Narita Sky Access logo
look our for the Narita Sky Access on your next trip to Tokyo

More info and Sources

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A new access route, Narita Sky Access, linking central Tokyo
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