My Blog looks messed up in Internet Explorer

So here I was a few hours ago showing my friend my site when I booted up my site only to see my sidebar missing! Unfortunately my friend has no clue what Firefox is so it wasn’t installed on his PC. I came to the realization that before today I have never used any other browser but Firefox and my back browser Flock for over a year! Maybe it’s not so long and I just never looked at my site anywhere else other than my regular browsing spots but I was so freaking mad today when I saw my handicap looking site..i mean Look at it!


It makes me wonder just how long now my site has looked like this in IE? Did I cause it with one of my various tweaks to my site’s theme? How come no one picked it up? Why do people still use IE?

*clears throat*

I’m so pissed I just decided to change the theme of my site, because for the last couple hours I can not find the problem and I’ll probably launch an Intercontinental Ballistic Big Stone straight to Redmond Washington in all my rage.

So for now a new theme is coming, just give me some time (probably hours) to customize and take away the virginity of the new theme. This theme has served me well for the one and a half years it has been up, I guess it’s time I changed the look and feel.