Monster Hunter World is Awesome

Monster Hunter World is a great game that proves that hard work, attention to detail and a focus on fun can still make a successful game in this the age of lootboxes and corporate greed in triple A gaming titles. It isn’t without its flaws – an unnecessarily complicated process to play with friends, underutilized gathering hub and some underwhelming weapon designs are a few. Overall though, Monster Hunter World is a great game that has been a commercial success with over 7 million copies shipped and counting.

Monster Hunter at its best

For those new to the Monster Hunter series, the games involve hunting monsters, from cute bird-like egg thieves to giant dragons. The gameplay premise is you progress from fighting lowly creatures, to battling behemoths while learning about your environment, crafting gear from defeated foes and getting stronger not from leveling up your character’s imaginary stats but from improving as a player and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. Mix in 14 weapons, an open world, the creatures than inhabit it and an overarching story and you have the latest installment – Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World light bowgun action

Ballerina armed with a giant hammer

I cannot express how satisfying it is to hunt a monster and make weapons and gear from its parts. The feeling of accomplishment when you finally defeat that giant fire-breathing T-rex only to face off against a flying, poisonous, fire-breathing wyvern! After a while you realize that you are starting to learn your opponents, you research their weaknesses, prepare the necessary tools and have practiced enough to the point where you are dancing around their attacks like a ballerina armed with a giant hammer.

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Monster Hunter still isn’t for everyone

Though some might say otherwise – Monster Hunter World isn’t for every one. Though World has fine tuned the Monster Hunting Formula a bit, it still has some rough edges. However if this game clicks, especially if you have friends to hunt with, its one of the most enjoyable experiences in gaming at the moment and some will argue for a while. The first and only Monster Hunter game I played for any extended time before world was Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. Back then the gaming world wasnt so connected online and I had no real world friends to play with.

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Monster Hunter World Sword and Shield action

Fast forward a decade and after a long period of handheld only releases Monster Hunter is back on consoles and its epic. I’m 100+ hours in and I am having just as much, if not more fun, than when I hunted my first Great Jagras.

Games as a service? eww!

Many Triple A gaming titles have become unbearable grinds infested with lootboxes and DLCs. They say games are now a service with the emphasis on the dollar signs and not the product and consumers. Monster Hunter World proves that the old ways of designing a complete game can still be successful, I am very happy it is successful and looks to continue to be for a long time.

Monster Hunter World Barroth

How you played or plan to play monster hunter world? Leave your thoughts in a comment below – also let me know if we can hunt together; I play on the PS4.