Last Exile ~Fam, the Silver Wing – First Impressions

The original Last Exile in my eyes is an anime classic and I was surprised that while searching through my archives I could find no post I had written on that series. Many years after the first series ended abruptly in a brain-twisting cliffhanger the followup although not necessarily a sequel is called Last Exile ~Fam, the Silver Wing, one of my picks on my interesting Fall 2011 anime watchlist. The retro futuristic look is back along with giant flying ships, a story evolving around war and kids piloting small agile Vanships. Two episodes in I am still on the fence but will be watching the entire series.

Plot synopsis

The main character in the story is Fam Fan Fan a teen-aged Sky Pirate who along with her close friend and navigator Giselle pilot a vanship called Vespa. They get caught up in a war between the Kingdom of Turan and the Ades Federation, the later acting as the aggressor and the badguys. It is not clear yet just how the “Exile” plot element will play out in this series and if it will be exactly like the original.

Few interesting characters so far

It’s clear so far that watching the original series is not a requirement as the cast with the exception of one familiar face is all  new. Fam’s introduction in the first scene and subsequent antics has made an impression but whether she and her (boring) sidekick can walk in the shoes of Claus and Lavie is yet to be seen. Other than Fam the only other interesting character is Dio but he is somewhat annoying already but I am interested to see how his story ties back in with the original. I’m not too big on princesses or generic evil guys with eye-patches so unless some insane plot twist happens I’ll have to say the cast is very weak so far.

Will it be better than the original?

Lets see how this show evolves over the 20+ episodes and where it takes it’s viewers by the time we reach the end. Is this just a a cash grab by a studio playing on the nostalgia of those who watched and loved the original or will this reboot be epic in it’s own right, lets watch and see. Seen any of Last Exile ~Fam, the Silver Wing? I’m interested in hearing what you think via a comment below.