Kitano Tsunetomi

A very good friend of mine who I met through this site and fellow Japan, Anime, Gaming enthusiast has introduced me and will continue to help to delve further into the world of Japanese/Asian art. My first lesson/peek is of a famous early 20th century artist Kitano Tsunetomi.

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Kitano Tsunetomi was a well known bijin-ga printmaker and painter. In 1880, he was born in Kanazawa with the name Tomitaro. As a young man, Tsunetomi worked as an apprentice to a woodblock carver after which he became a print carver for the newspaper Hokkoku Shinpo. He later moved to Osaka to study nihon-ga style painting under Inano Toshitsune, a student of Yoshitoshi. In 1901, he began working as an illustrator for the newspaper Osaka Shinbun.

Beginning in 1910, Tsunetomi began to exhibit paintings in the Bunten shows, and he won a prize in the 5th Bunten (1911) for his bijin-ga painting “Rain during Sunshine”. He published a folio of four prints in 1918 titled “Spring and Autumn in the Licensed Quarter” (Kuruwa no shunju). These designs were self-carved and printed. In 1924, Tsunetomi founded an art school and publishing house called Hakuyodo. His students included the bijin-ga artists Kitani Chigusa and Shima Seien. His most important woodblock print, Heron Maiden, was published around 1925.

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