Kantanji = Programming x Learning Japanese

I am (slowly) learning Kanji as I continue my Japanese language learning journey. I thought why not combine programming and kanji – the result is not a very original program that I am converting to a Twitter Bot that at the time of this post. Kantanji = Programming x Learning Japanese. It shares kanji, their readings and stroke count – maybe I will improve it more as my programming skills improve. My lack of originality and love of portmanteaus continue with the naming of the program. “Kantanji” combines “Kantan”(簑単,Β  γ‹γ‚“γŸγ‚“, easy) and “ji” (from ζΌ’ε­—,γ€€γ‹γ‚“γ˜, Chinese character) to make Kantanji.

Kantanji = Programming x Learning Japanese

Programming x Learning Japanese

My undergrad degree is in IT and before moving to Japan I spent many years working in IT. I have always found computers fascinating but one thing I didn’t enjoy was programming. I owe half of the passes in my programming courses to my friends/classmates (especially Richard, he never allows me to forget). I have always been capable with web-related programming languages, scripts, frameworks etc – part of that might be my need to see exactly what I am doing and changing as I do it. I eventually gravitated to IT training and education. Here I am now fascinated with the Python programming language (I could do an entire post about why I find it so much fun to dabble in).

Automate the Boring Stuff

One of the best resources I have found as I learn and practice Python is Automate the Boring Stuff with Python by Al Sweigart – a free resources to read under a Creative Commons license. It provides a beginner-friendly entry into python programming. If you are more skilled at this programming thing than me or learning as well check out the repository on Github and tweet me tips/questions @Jamaipanese or leave a comment below.

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