Japanese man builds Giant Robot Beetle

Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan is known as the birthplace of natto, many castle ruins, lakes and martial arts. Recently there is something else that Ibaraki will be known for, a Giant Robotic Rhinocerous Beetle!

code named “Kabutom RX-03”

The giant “kabuto-mushi” took 11 years to built, it is 11m long, and weighs 15Β  tonnes. It was built by a Japanese engineer from Ibaraki Prefecture Japan. The robot has many moving parts including its huge horn and legs. It can be controlled via a remote and has space inside for passengers. There has been many giant robotic creatures appearing Japan lately, a giant spider, a giant Gundam, a giant Iron Man, now a giant beetle. Godzilla-san might get jealous and reappear. Video and link to more pictures after the jump.

More Giant Robot Beetle pictures here.

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10 thoughts on “Japanese man builds Giant Robot Beetle

  1. I’m from Jamaica and now living in China and its good to see other Jamaican people taking interest in Asia, most Jamaican people don’t even know where Japan is. Nice blog [jamaica]

  2. Japanese love those scary looking beetles. I don’t know why. I think they look disgusting. So I guess it was only a matter of time that some built a giant beetle robot.

  3. Wow! This is crazy… crazy awesome that is. Maybe some day when I’m an old guy with time on my hands, I’ll get around to building something like that ;) -Aaron

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