Learning Japanese? This Giveaway is for you!

Clay Boutwell, the author of Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese, is looking for learners of Japanese interested in receiving a free book, kana shitajiki, and Japonika notebook in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.

Japanese Hiragana Bundle
Japanese Hiragana Bundle – Book, Notebook, and Shitajiki Set

The givbeaway bundle includes:

  • Hiragana, the Basics of Japanese—a book by Clay and his wife, Yumi, covering all you need to learn hiragana
  • A kana shitajiki pencil board—includes all the hiragana and katakana at a glance
  • One authentic Japanese 100 square notebook perfect for practicing writing hiragana

They can be found here. Take a look!

If you are interested tweet @theJapanShop AND @Jamaipanese and creatively tell us why you should win in 112 characters or less! ;) There are 2 bundles up for grabs. tweets us now for your chance. Giveaway ends May 31st 2015 !

This giveaway is open to learners of Japanese all over the world and is 100% free just remember to leave that Amazon review when you win!