Japan to fingerprint and photograph all foreigners

Japan is to fingerprint and photograph foreigners entering the country from next month in an anti-terrorism policy that is stirring anger among foreign residents and human rights activists.

This will greatly contribute to preventing international terrorist activities on our soil,” Immigration Bureau official Naoto Nikai said in a briefing on the system, which starts on November 20.

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In these modern times and with globalization I must say that I am against the plans by Japan to document all foreign citizens inside and outside the country. I thought the days of the Tokugawa shogunate were gone? With Japan’s role as a global leader, it’s sad that they have decided to treat all non-Japanese people as suspected terrorists.

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11 thoughts on “Japan to fingerprint and photograph all foreigners

  1. y does this suprise anyone. the US already does it and immigration officionados around the world agree this is the best way to keep tabs on everyone. Some countries haven’t the guts to do it, and others haven’t the money, the rest aren’t organised enuff right now. but believe me this is coming to the entire world in the not too distant future. u soon need prints and retina scan and voice recognition to do just about anything…hooray!

  2. uestion: Finger print all (terrorist) “Foreigners” . But hang on, those that gassed the subway in Japan, were NOT “Foreigners” , but Japanese.

    Is it only me or do you too think idiots rule the world. Go figure.

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