Japan Scene 8: My Japanese rap album?

I didn’t know that I’d one day be an international rap superstar releasing a Japanese rap album. My fandom started off small but quickly grew as my creativity and freestyle delivery won over the hearts of many as I rose to be a household name. However, how did it all start?

Japanese Rap Career starts

Its cleaning time at my JHS in Japan and the usual cookie-cutter pop track is blasting from the speakers. I am having an internal monologue with myself wondering why the 2nd term is so damn long. One track down and we are about halfway through the cleaning then some strange sounding Japanese rap invaded my ear canal. I thought nothing of it after being initially startled but while swinging my broom I began to spit random raps (in Japanese) at my teenaged cleaning pals to the beat and just like that a star was born.

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I am teacher yo, hey do you know? (εƒ•γ―ε…ˆη”Ÿγ‚ˆγ† 君はηŸ₯ってる?)
every day we do English together (毎ζ—₯一緒に英θͺžγ‚’γ‚„γ‚‹γ‚ˆγ†)
recently you have all become geniuses (ζœ€θΏ‘ηš†ε€©ζ‰γ«γͺγ‚ŠγΎγ—γŸ)
because…. (γͺぜγͺら) *beat drops, long pause*
I ate all the bad kids! (ζœ¬ε½“γ«ζ‚ͺγ„ε­γŸγ‘ι£ŸγΉγ‘γ‚ƒγ£γŸ)

baby yoda
Lighten up Baby Yoda I am just joking

Career ends

Unfortunately, the headteacher cut the music because, of course, older Japanese men can’t be cool. Then just like that, I had to return to reality, as my rap career was just a 43-second creation of my overactive imagination.

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