Japan Scene 5: New Barber in love with my hair

Four months into Japan, I had yet to get a haircut. Why? I was originally planning to do it on my own but as the week went buy I didn’t get around to it. It reached the point where I was starting to look like a young rasta. Honestly, my hair wasn’t a problem until it started taking up more and more time to comb in the mornings so I inquired and was told of a barber on a neighbouring island that could tame my locks.

Japanese level up?

I managed to call and use my limited Japan to set an appointment. 10 am on a Sunday morning, that should easy enough. One 5 minute drive, a 15-minute ferry and a 3-minute walk later and I was there. I must say I was impressed with the look of the place. I was welcomed in typical Japanese fashion – these people are serious about their customer service. I showed the barber the look I wanted, sat in his chair and hoped for the best.

Barber: Wow! This is my first time cutting someone from Jamaica’s hair.
Me: Please do your best ?
Barber: poke poke prod prod* wow it feels so cool, rub rub, pat pat

The Barber then went into a mode I can only describe as an excited Chef seeing a slab of meat they are excited to season and cook. Though instead of salt, pepper, oil, season, pots and other cooking utensils it was various combs, electric tools, razors, clippers etc. 30 minutes after dancing around my head gleefully My hair was shampooed and plated/styled before a request for my photo to be taken, I obliged.

Barber: I hope I did a good job
Me: You did great, I am very satisfied.

During the cutting process, I learned many things about my (new) barber. I now know he is my age and enjoys videos games and the German football league among other things. I happily say that I’m glad I found a new barber.

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  1. The fade could be more gradual but impressive for a first timer! I have had jamaican barbers who have been cutting for years do worse.

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