Japanese Assistance to Jamaica over the years

I read an interesting column in a local newspaper a few days ago written by Ken Chaplin entitled ‘Japanese Assistance to Jamaica Significant‘. I’s a great article that details the relationship between Jamaica and Japan over the years and how Japan as a developed nation has contributed significantly to the development of Jamaica through various projects and grants.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan’s Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOVC), Japan Exchange and teaching Programme (JET) and Japan Social Investment Fund are some of the major organizations and programs that Jamaica has benefited from. Mr Chaplin has done an excellent job with this article and I thought I would bring it to my readers attention as it was a good read for me and allowed me to understand just how strong bilateral ties between Jamaica and Japan has been throughout the decades since formal relations were established in 1964.

Article Excerpt

Characteristically, Japanese are humble people and do not like to publicise themselves. Yet Japan’s contribution to Jamaica’s development has been significant. The three main areas of Japan’s contribution to Jamaica are through development assistance, technical cooperation and grassroots and human security grant projects.

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