Japan Drafts Guidelines For Robot Use!

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has drafted a 60-page set of proposals for managing the development of robots. It is called the Draft Guidelines to Secure the Safe Performance of Next Generation Robots. The document will require robots to report any injuries they cause to humans they are safeguarding in a central database.

It also suggests that a special study group of industrialists, academics, ministry officials and lawyers be formed to finalize the rules on robot development.

As a country with an aging population and decreasing population of youngsters, Japan supposes it will not be long until robots fulfill roles needed to manage a household. Members of the Japan Robotics Association say it is “just months away,” to the release of next-generation security patrol and nursing robots.

According to The Times, currently the Japanese “helper” robot market is estimated to be worth more than 10 billion yen or $83 million.

The most recent robotic news reported a University of Tokyo team developing a human-sized robot that can walk and carry loads weighing 65 pounds.


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