Japan, China relationship getting better

I rarely will ever blog about politics, war, international disputes, crimes and such topics, but I think I will blog about the improving relationship between Japan and China. Not many people here in the west, especially in the Caribbean know about many the differences issues that these two great countries have disagreed and even rioted over in the last 120 years. Lets just say that Japan and China has never been friends much in a while and in modern times issues have been lingering, beginning from as early as the last 19th century, throughout the 20th and now in the 21st. Wars found then especially the during the early to mid 1900s have left a last burden of animosity and mistrust between these two economic powerhouses but in recent times, especially now as the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe meet in Tokyo to work on thawing the icy relationship that their countries have shared for so long it seems that things are looking up and moving towards a healthy relationship for such close neighbours.

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I profess to be no expert but I think I am somewhat knowledgeable of recent ongoing issues, some of which include a border disputes in the East China Sea, the modernization of the Chinese Military, Japan’s plans to revise it’s Pacifist Constitution, visits by high ranking Japanese political personnel to the Yasukuni shrine, a nuclear North Korea and more.


“Our talks will be a big step toward building strategically and mutually beneficial relations,” Mr Abe said.

Japan and China: Schoolchildren’s views

So thats it for now and I hope the visit is a success.