International World Skills Competition in Japan

Jamaica will be sending a team of contestants to take part in this year’s World Skills International Competition. Why am I posting about a world skills competition? Well for starters this will be the first year Jamaica will be entering and we will competing against countries like Australia, Canada, France and Singapore. The Bi-annual competition will be taking place this November in Shizuoka Japan and is aimed at enhancing vocational, understanding new technologies, sharing of best practices, as well as helping to shape current and future world policies on vocational skills.


Jamaica’s team
is managed by the Heart Trust National Training Agency of Jamaica and we will be taking part in four categories Software Application, Web Design, Beauty Service and Cooking. Sandra Glasgow, Chairman of the Board of HEART Trust/NTA is even featured in a video on the official World Skills Competition website. I’ll be following up on this competition later this year, I wonder if Jamaica will walk away with any prizes in this our first year, or will we have to wait for future competitions in Canada and/or England?

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  1. it’s a long story, but growing up all my interests just seemed to have a connection to Japan – history, technology, cars, anime, science etc. So I started to learn more and I have been interested ever since.

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