iPod touch, touching really is good

I missed the iPod bus and still haven’t caught it with all the stops it made to upgrade and add spin offs plus the iPhone is what a categorize as a wallet raper and when I thought about it, it didn’t make sense to go through all the trouble importing, unlocking, duties etc to get one. Gordon dropped me a link over messenger a couple minutes ago though to show me the brand new iPod Touch….the bus can’t miss me now!!!!

Sean Kingston get well large now, pon front page and pure tingz!!!

[ read more at Engadget | ZDNet | Cnet ]

In other news that weirdly enough its touch related I got a new black Nintendo DS yesterday to replace the one my sister broke recently, it’s works though…a little…it still managed to save me from boredom during Hurricane Dean….didn’t get any of the games I wanted with the new one though -_-. Don’t worry my cam will be bought soon so i can show off things like that ^_^

7 thoughts on “iPod touch, touching really is good

  1. Very kewl, still the prices are going down for the ipod dem but not low enough yet…that touch don’t look half bad :o) Oh I see u get ur ds back, sweet, tell me how it is ^_^ and u better take a picture of me so I can strike my pose ;o)

  2. Yeh its good but the price tag is a real wallet raper…

    "The iPod touch will be available this month in two configurations– an 8GB model for $299, and a 16GB for $399."

    But on the other hand i wanna see the redesigned ipods ^_^ they seem affordable…Touching is good yes but this will not only touch but also manhandle u and ur money T_T

  3. whew lots of comments…seems like there are lots of iPod fans

    @ Volt…I have played MarioKart online but I don’t own the game

    @ Shonari…thats not a bad idea….if only I had the money

  4. You should think about getting Mario Kart DS. It’s the only DS game I have, but it kicks serious ass. And it has online play.

  5. Hmm how about you run a competition, the first person to suggest a the quickest way to japan gets an ipod touch. provided by the site owner… What do you say?

    Teleport there

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