Interesting sites and blogs entry 3

The third entry in my interest blogs and websites posts combines whats new and all the buzz in the web 2.0 world with a new resource that has me getting to know the geek within me to a site that proves I am a geek by keeping me up to date with all the machine loving news out of Japan, I hope you find these sites interesting.

Truemors, is a user-created rumor reporting site founded by noted author and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. The service launched in the middle of May 2007 to mixed reviews. While its home page resembles many list-style sites such as Digg and Reddit, Truemors focuses on “true rumors” in a time-sensitive setting.

Geek Elixir The essence of geek, secretly coveted by the children of cool for decades. ‘Geek’ has slowly through the ages forged its own fate, etched its mark in the tree of social stature, To be seen and remembered for centuries and worlds to come. Geek lives.. through the hardest and most defamatory situations, name calling and social alienation yet ‘Geek’ survived and grew stronger Geek is here and will continue till Geekdom come. The earth we inhabit has changed a great deal, as geek is now morphing into something new, from a social sub culture scorned and detested by many to a fashion statement / entity of some sort Geek being a the new sub culture of the new millenium. The latest tech gadgets, using a slew of technical terms in everyday jargon, the development of fashionable devices ‘a platinum thumb drive – why?”. This fact and trends leads me to believe that geeks are responsible for the future of this here earth and any other we may inhabit. Our perception shapes this ugly world into what it is and will be, and thus be said that we hold true power. Good luck to my friend and fellow blogger Taylor with this his latest project.

More on  Hokkaido and Tokyo to be linked via Shinkansen

Loving The Machine – Japan stands out for its long love affair with humanoid robots, a phenomenon that is creating what will likely be the world’s first mass robot culture. While companies outside Japan have produced robot vacuum cleaners and war machines, Japan has created humanoids and pet robots as entertaining friends.

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