Interesting sites and blogs entry 2

Its been three months time to drop another batch of interesting sites and blogs upon you again.

Japanese Lesson One of the best websites on the net for high quality, short and relevant Japanese tutorials. Every time I check I can find good stuff to help me in my studies and I really like that.

Kurzanne Memoirs A very good friend and civil servant colleague has been posted by his Ministry (foreign affairs) in South Africa for a couple years. He and his wife Suzanne has started a blog of their experiences complete with images and more, highly recommended.

Japanesepod101 recently discovered site that I have yet to delve deep into. Has tonnes of Japanese learning podcasts for various levels of students of the language. I think I will really like this site and you will too if you want to learn Japanese.

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3 thoughts on “Interesting sites and blogs entry 2

  1. very interesting, have you visited Japan? I’m from St. Andrews, JA & my brother got me into anime. For me, I love, draw & watch anime. Currently I’m watching Yu Yu Hakusho, I missed out on plenty of episodes though

  2. good afternoon, that would be cool, I have msn messenger also. One of my classmates is leaving for Japan in May to attend a conference about preserving the environment. I think she might be there for a week. At my college, the majority of the international students are from Japan, which is wonderful because we learn alot about each other & just vibe. I would love to visit Tokyo though!

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