I am Legend – The Star Power of Will Smith

Let me start by saying that without Will Smith in the staring role of I am Legend the movie would have deteriorated into a distasteful, second rate, watch and forget, science fiction flick.

About the Film

I am Legend stars Will Smith as Robert Neville a military virologist who might be the only human left on earth after a supposed cure for cancer turns out to a be a plague killing off most of the human and some animal occupants of earth and turning the remainder into violent, hyperactive, de-evolved mutants who fear sunlight. Robert’s only companion is a German-Shepherd dog named Sam, a final gift to him by his daughter and wife who had to be evacuated from New York just before the city was quarantined. Robert, who is immune to the virus affecting everyone else remains in New York to try and find a cure for the outbreak, search for survivors and pee his pants while the “Dark Seekers” reek havoc throughout the city at night.

I liked the film but judging from reviews I have read it seems I am not the only one that thinks that the last 20-30 minutes (just after the Shrek scene) is very disappointing and the overall film could have easily fallen apart and plummeted to the bottom of the box office pot due to that flaw, but as I said with someone like Will Smith (who is one of my favourite actors) on the front, zombiefied fanatics like me would pay money to see it.

Don’t want to see a Spoiler?  Stop reading here.

Sorry I try my best to not post spoilers in my reviews but I had a long heated discussion with my friends about this after viewing this film at the theatre in December. Why is it that the person that eventually found and saved Robert Neville (Will) had to be a super hot latino beauty and not some ultra unattractive, overweight, smelly, retarded woman who crawled out of some hole or something? ^_^ Plus since she is so hot I braced for an ultra steamy sex scene but alas it didn’t happen -_-. I mean come on if I was alone for over 1000 days without human contact and here appears some hottie from Cuba the first thing that would come into my mind is VAGINA!!!!

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