I am a Chibi Samurai thanks to @mira_art0

Surfing through Instagram recetnly I came upon a page by @mira_art0 with some adorable chibi art. I spent a few minutes perusing the collection before leaving a comment asking I could get a chibi version of myself drawn. I was quickly contacted and a few email exchanges and a couple hours late I had a chibi version of myself in samurai garb complete with a sword as seen below!

Chibi Jamaipanese is ready for battle!

About Mira

Mira is from Palestine. She draws anime but is still learning her craft and is usually inspired by amazing artists on Instagram or Youtube as well as her reality as a Palestinian

Thank you Mira for responding to, accepting my request. This will eventually be framed along with a portrait done by @khisayama 2 years ago and be displayed in my room! Visit Mira’s Instagram page for more artwork! @mira_art0